Salesforce World Tour Barcelona

Salesforce World Tour Barcelona 2024

Salesforce presents its new products in Barcelona

Last Thursday, May 16, 2024, the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Barcelona took place at the Fira de Barcelona, where important figures within the Salesforce ecosystem gather to show their customers and partners what’s new.

The protagonist of the event was artificial intelligence, specifically Einstein technology, including Einstein 1 Platform and Einstein Copilot.

Heroforge attended the event to be updated on everything that happened during the event, that’s why in this post we will talk about everything related to the Salesforce World Tour.

Most important conferences of the event

Introduction to Customer 360

At the Einstein Theatre early in the morning, an introduction to Salesforce’s Customer 360 vision was presented for attendees who were new to Salesforce and wanted to learn the basics of Salesforce. 

Salesforce’s Customer 360 is a comprehensive platform designed to provide a complete, unified view of the customer across all collected data. This solution enables companies to connect and synchronize customer data from a variety of sources, including sales, customer service, marketing and commerce, creating a unified profile.


The highlight of the event, where the protagonist clearly, as we mentioned before, was Einstein technology, with Einstein 1 Platform and Einstein Copilot, which was supported with a demo of both tools and with a success case of Moto GP, where their CIO explained how they use Salesforce also Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, all integrated with artificial intelligence.

Einstein 1 Platform, integrated by low-code tools, makes it easier for organizations to manage customer data and maximize the use of artificial intelligence. In addition, it enables the implementation of large-scale automations across all the applications that make up the platform.

Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s new AI-powered conversational assistant. This tool can answer queries, synthesize and generate new content, understand complex dialogues and efficiently automate tasks on behalf of a user. This release is joined by Einstein Copilot Studio, a tool designed to enable developers to easily create custom Generative AI applications using a low-code approach.

Industry-dedicated sessions

You could specialize and attend the session that best suited your business, but there were the following:

Product – dedicated sessions

Where you could learn about any Salesforce product thanks to dynamic explanations, always accompanied by demonstrations made by the best experts about the product. The following products were discussed:

Networking Cocktail

Perhaps the favorite moment for many, where you can talk to a lot of people about the event while having a drink. Everyone wants to meet the participants of the World Tour Essentials and be able to share the feedback of each session, as well as make contacts and try to get in touch again in the future.

Magnificent event in the city of Barcelona where we were able to enjoy the latest news.

It was a very nice experience to finally meet many familiar faces from the Salesforce world and to learn about the latest news presented right there.

At Heroforge we are always up-to-date with Salesforce products so we can be the first to implement them and be always up-to-date. If you need information about any product or industry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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