Recruitment processes

You can’t get to everything, and you also have a lot of work. And to hire a Salesforce profile… you need to know Salesforce. You need to know the person but also make sure they have the technical skills required for the project…

How we can help you

Participating in the selection process.

Our Salesforce professionals will conduct the technical interviews. At the end of them, we will send you a detailed report on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to help you make the best decision.

How does it work?

We know each other

First of all, we ask you to send us this form explaining your needs. We evaluate your case and contact you to define how we can help you.


We sign an NDA and send you the collaboration proposal detailing all the conditions of the service. We solve all your doubts and finally we sign the collaboration proposal.


We will schedule and conduct interviews with all the candidates agreed upon in the collaboration proposal, including the necessary technical tests.


Finally, we send you a report of each of the interviews conducted and we make a final call to share each and every detail of the candidates.