Las Arcadias
Carlos Ginebreda - Real Estate Professional

From the very first moment the Heroforge team made an effort to understand our needs and to carry out optimal planning and execution. The schedule has been kept to perfection and communication has always been excellent. We value very positively the flexibility of the team and the proactivity and ability to solve the problems that have arisen in order to meet the objectives. We highly recommend working with them.

Miriam Hernández - COO

The response was quick and they have been very efficient and professional. Without a doubt, the best partner presented by Salesforce that we have worked with.

Geneva Business School
Clara Llopart - Head of Sales & Marketing

“We worked with Heroforge developing Salesforce for the business school. They understood and implemented Salesforce according to our needs. After the implementation we were able to work in an efficient way managing, segmenting and reporting the big data generated, in order to focus on sales targets.”

X by Orange
Carlos Catalán - CRM Manager

“They know everything there is to know about Salesforce and the surrounding ecosystem and continually challenge themselves to find the best possible solutions and follow industry best practices. They are committed to excellence in everything they do, which allows them to always deliver results above expectations. I look forward to our paths crossing again.”

Fabrizio Bartolini - Director, Customer & Consumer Engagement

"At Heroforge they have an extensive understanding of the Salesforce core platform and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. They have consistently proven solid architectural skills and an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem. Their knowledge, collaborative approach, and sense of ownership established them as invaluable assets to our project. Without a doubt, I would recommend Heroforge for any projects requiring Salesforce specialists."

Alte Investment
Fernando Lacambra - Platform Director

“At Heroforge they were able to understand the business needs and propose more efficient solutions in a proactive way. They have a very advanced knowledge of the entire platform and did not finish the job until it was perfect. It was a real pleasure to work with them.”

David Ciurana - IT Manager

“Heroforge is a great partner. They perfectly understand your needs and help you at all times to achieve the set objectives. Additionally, whenever possible, they suggest improvements. Therefore, I recommend Heroforge”

Pablo Roses - IT Manager

“Heroforge has always been supportive and proactively proposed solutions, always following Salesforce best practices to ensure the stability and scalability of our organitzation. They are actively engaged with commercial teams, providing a good understanding of the business and always exceeding expectations. They helped us successfully integrate Salesforce with SAP and we were so happy and satisfied that we enhanced our partnership by awarding them the maintenance and service contract.”

Lucas Fox
Lazar Trosic - IT Manager

“Lucas Fox, recently partnered with Heroforge to develop our Salesforce platform in the sales environment. As a luxury real estate, it was essential for us to have a personalized system that can handle the complexities of our business. Heroforge was the perfect partner for the business. Heroforge's experience and attention to detail was exceptional, and they worked tirelessly to create automations that made our sales process more efficient. The patient and communicative throughout the project, and took the time to understand our unique requirements and suggest innovative solutions. Thanks to their hard work, they had created a powerful sales platform that has revolutionized the way we do business. I would highly recommend Heroforge for any Salesforce development needs. Their experience and dedication are incomparable.”

Diego Bartolomé - CEO

“Heroforge has been an amazing partner. Our journey together has been smooth, transparent, highly professional, and results-oriented. I'm looking forward to our continued success.”