Surely the above question has left you wondering.

Because yes, Salesforce is a marvel, and many companies like yours are using it, but… You have to develop it well to get the benefits that the tool promises. And that requires a lot of experience – to know how to fly properly the best aircraft (Salesforce) that has ever been built.

  • With Salesforce, you sell faster and better.
  • With Salesforce you optimize your business processes and serve your customers more efficiently.
  • You increase your ROI thanks to a well-focused sales funnel… with Salesforce capabilities.

That’s what they say about this CRM in the cloud (and at Heroforge we corroborate it), but it is important that yours is adapted to your company. If you think about it, a commercial aircraft is not the same as a cargo plane. Or a private jet.

Every company is different, and that’s why Salesforce must be adapted (with professional hands) to every business, without the need to create “Frankensteins”. The beauty of Salesforce is that it can be the fastest, most efficient and safest airplane… if you know how to handle it.

And so far, what has happened to you is…

Your company needs a Salesforce specialist but the search for professionals is getting long and tedious.

The implementation you have of Salesforce is... just right. There are things that don't work, or you haven't been told HOW they work.

You have many computer scientists and developers at your disposal... But you can't find professionals specialized in Salesforce.

Errors appear more often than desired and correcting and evolving your business processes in Salesforce is time consuming and costly.

…but you don’t lose hope because you know that, deep down, EVERY problem has a SOLUTION.


You already know that Salesforce is the CRM that will help you sell more, optimize your customer processes and increase the ROI of your sales actions. But you also know that a financial services company is not the same as an online store, or a marketing agency… and the tool must adapt to this.

What I was telling you: no one would touch an airplane’s control panel without being an expert at it, because the airplane may lose control or even crash.

How does Heroforge get your company up to cruising speed?

With a team of Salesforce professionals to adapt and optimize the tool for your company’s needs.

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