Technical Audit

We understand. You have to meet deadlines and the toll to pay is the technical debt… but what happens if you don’t take care of that technical debt? Over time, your system will start to “get sick” and some of these symptoms will appear:

  1. Errors become commonplace after deploying new changes.
  2. The costs of maintaining and evolving the tool rise exponentially.
  3. New team members take weeks to understand what is implemented.
  4. Technical project leaders are not motivated and end up leaving.
  5. Delivery dates are systematically missed.

How we can help you

By performing a deep technical analysis that will reflect the health of your project.

Our team will prepare a report detailing all the findings, classified by importance, on which you can rely and which will help you make decisions to improve the security, reliability and scalability of the system.

How does it work?

We know each other

First of all, we ask you to send us this form explaining your needs. We evaluate your case and contact you to define how we can help you.


We sign an NDA and schedule a first meeting in order to deepen the business objectives behind the technical audit.


We prepare a customized proposal where we detail the objectives, scope and methodology of the audit. We send you the proposal and solve all your doubts. Finally we sign the proposal.


We start to investigate all the points thoroughly. We schedule control meetings where we share the progress of the audit and resolve doubts. Finally, we send you the complete audit report and hold a session to present the most salient points.