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Artificial Intelligence in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

How AI can help Salesforce?

Salesforce has introduced, and continues to introduce, numerous artificial intelligence-related solutions across its various tools, such as Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, among others. All of these features are created to improve the customer experience of Salesforce users, helping them to automate processes, giving statistics, or predicting results, to have a better experience.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud Einstein is a Salesforce feature that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. This AI-powered feature improves the capabilities of Sales Cloud by providing advanced analytics, intelligent insights, and automation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales processes. Key features of Sales Cloud Einstein:

Predictive Lead Scoring

It uses AI to analyze historical sales data and identify patterns, helping sales teams prioritize leads and opportunities based on their probability to convert. Lead scoring can help the sales process by:

  • Saving and analyzing more data: AI can search historical data in seconds, trying to identify the best prospects.
  • Creating almost perfect lead scoring models: Using the best algorithms to improve these models.
  • Improving precision and adaptability: Thanks to an automatic learning, lead scoring model can improve a lot.

Opportunity Insights

This feature provides real-time recommendations and insights, such as alerting sales representatives to deals that may be at risk or identifying factors that could influence a sale.

Automated Data Capture

Sales Cloud Einstein automates the process of entering and updating data, reducing manual data entry and ensuring that the CRM system is always up-to-date.

Einstein Activity Capture

It automatically logs sales activities like emails and meetings, giving sales teams more time to focus on selling. EAC has two main activities:

  • It captures the email and events from our Microsoft or Google account and adds them to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records.
  • Additionally, it syncs events and contacts between Salesforce and our Microsoft or Google account.

Einstein Forecasting

This tool uses AI to provide more accurate sales forecasts, helping sales managers make better informed decisions.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud Einstein is a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities integrated into Salesforce’s Service Cloud platform. It aims to enhance customer service operations by providing smarter and more efficient service solutions. Key features of Service Cloud Einstein include:

Einstein Case Classification

This feature automatically classifies and routes customer service cases to the appropriate agent or department based on their content and context. It helps in prioritizing and resolving cases more efficiently.

Einstein Article Recommendations

It suggests relevant knowledge articles to service agents, enabling them to provide quicker and more accurate responses to customer queries.

Einstein Next Best Action

This tool offers real-time recommendations to service agents on the best course of action while interacting with customers, based on the customer’s history and preferences.

Einstein Bots

These are AI-powered chatbots that can handle routine customer inquiries, freeing human agents to focus on more complex issues. They can also gather preliminary information before transferring the customer to a human agent.

Einstein Analytics for Service

Einstein Analytics for Service provides deep insights into customer service operations, helping managers understand trends, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.

Einstein Voice Assistant

This voice-enabled assistant allows service agents to update records and navigate the Service Cloud hands-free, using voice commands.

Predictive Case Routing

This AI-driven feature routes cases to the most suitable agent based on their expertise and past performance, ensuring that customers get the best possible assistance.

Artificial intelligence is the best resource to take Salesforce to the next level.

Heroforge‘s highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists in Salesforce’s AI tools can assist you in integrating these new features. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance or if you have any questions!


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