The challenges

In order to attain that objective, Suez Digital Solutions encountered significant challenges that needed to be promptly addressed.

Salesforce and SAP integration

With the aim of achieving a seamless integration between Salesforce and SAP, the goal was to synchronize essential Customer and Order information, needing precise project planning and rigorous testing to ensure operational efficiency.

Change management in Salesforce

With the increasing number of Salesforce developers and administrators joining the team, there was an urgent need to modernize and streamline the change management strategy.

Preserving organizational stability and scalability

With multiple integrations and updates underway, the goal was to maintain Salesforce’s consistency and ensure its capacity to expand smoothly.

The solutions

Heroforge stepped in to address these challenges directly.

Active collaboration

Proactively proposed solutions and consistently engaged with Suez’s business teams. This collaboration ensured both technical excellence and a deep alignment with Suez’s business requirements.

Streamlined system architecture

Implemented a unified framework within Salesforce to seamlessly manage multiple integrations, ensuring consistent performance while paving the way for future expansion.

Salesforce best practices

By adopting Salesforce’s proven strategies for managing changes, releases became smoother, allowing Suez’s teams to work more efficiently without any technical disruptions.

The results

Now, let’s explore the remarkable results achieved through these strategic initiatives.

Excellent integration achieved

Suez now benefits from a flawless and instant connection between Salesforce and SAP, guaranteeing precise data while minimizing manual efforts.

Revitalized change management

The updated change management process in Salesforce has guaranteed faster deployments, reduced conflicts, and increased overall productivity.

Upheld stability and scalability

Suez has maintained its stability and scalability even amidst numerous changes and integrations.

Final words

In this journey of transformation and innovation, the collaboration between Suez Digital Solutions and Heroforge stands as a testament to the power of partnership and expertise. Together, we’ve turned challenges into milestones, and in doing so, set new standards for success. Here’s to more synergies, achievements, and shared victories in the future.

About Suez

Headquartered in Paris, Suez operates in over 40 countries, focusing on water distribution, treatment, and waste treatment industries. With over 35,000 employees, Suez continues to set industry standards globally.