The Challenges

In order to achieve their objective, Las Arcadias faced considerable challenges that required immediate attention.

Migrate their data from Prinex to Salesforce

Las Arcadias is currently shifting their CRM and other systems from Prinex to Salesforce. The main goal behind this change is to take advantage of the more sophisticated CRM features offered by Salesforce. This strategic decision was made to address the challenges encountered with Prinex, especially regarding the migration of CRM data and the integration with ERP systems.

The need to maximize their sales team performance

Las Arcadias is making the move to Salesforce to boost their sales team’s performance. They understand how crucial it is to equip their sales reps with outstanding tools and support to increase their outcomes. Salesforce, with its strong reputation for powerful CRM capabilities, provides a solution that aims to make sales operations more efficient, improves customer relationships, and significantly increases sales productivity, among many other highly crucial benefits.

A better data representation and visualization in Salesforce

The limitations they encountered with Prinex in terms of gaining deep insights from their data have led them to seek out a platform that delivers detailed reports and intuitive dashboards. With Salesforce’s analytics tools, Las Arcadias anticipates gaining a more precise and comprehensive understanding of their business activities. This will support better-informed decisions and strategic planning. The move to Salesforce represents more than just a software switch; it signifies a shift towards a more data-driven approach in business intelligence for Las Arcadias, aiming to achieve greater insights into their market, customers, and key performance indicators.

The Solution

Heroforge stepped in to address these challenges directly. Their approach was marked by.

Perfect migration between Prinex and Salesforce

The transition from Prinex to Salesforce by Las Arcadias is aimed to be a perfect transition, with a focus on transferring every bit of data carefully to avoid any loss. This process requires a thorough export of all data currently housed in Prinex followed by its precise import into Salesforce. The objective here is to ensure a perfect migration that maintains the data’s integrity and completeness, enabling a smooth shift to the advanced Salesforce capabilities.

Meticulous implementation and integrations

For an ideal setup and integration, Heroforge led the initiative to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and other essential tools to boost Las Arcadias’ CRM functionality.
Aircall was integrated to provide superior Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Signaturit was selected for its strong digital signature features, making the document signing process more efficient. Furthermore, the integration included the company’s website to automatically funnel leads directly into Salesforce. This thorough setup assures that Las Arcadias has a cohesive system that promotes both production and customer contact.

Creation of reports and dashboards

Heroforge took on the task of maximizing Salesforce’s potential for Las Arcadias by developing customized reports and dashboards. These specialized tools are designed to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of Las Arcadias’s operations, highlighting significant information and patterns related to the many tasks that users take on within the company.
Ultimately, this makes it easier for the entire organization to adopt well-informed strategies and procedures, guaranteeing that key performance indicators (KPIs) are fully understood and used.

The results

Now, let’s explore the remarkable outcomes accomplished through these strategic initiatives.

Excellent migration achieved

Las Arcadias has accomplished an incredible transition to Salesforce, achieving a direct transfer of their data from Prinex. This move guarantees that all the information previously stored in Prinex has been smoothly incorporated into Salesforce, preserving the integrity and continuity of their business data. Through this careful migration effort, Las Arcadias can now utilize the sophisticated CRM features offered by Salesforce, without any loss in data quality or completeness.

Sales team saves time

Following the implementation, the sales team at Las Arcadias has seen a remarkable shift, now having access to all vital tools and integrations through a single interface. The strategic integration of resources such as Aircall for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Signaturit for digital signatures, along with direct lead capture from the website into Salesforce, has significantly improved their operational efficiency. This unification of tools and processes onto one platform has not only saved time but also enabled the sales team to dedicate more effort to selling, and less to administrative duties.

Improved data representation

The expertise of Heroforge creating customized and advanced reports and dashboards has led to a significant enhancement in the way Las Arcadias visualizes and understands their data. Thanks to these innovations, they now have a clear and evolving perspective on the performance of their sales team, as well as other vital business metrics. This progress in data presentation and accessibility guarantees that Las Arcadias is equipped with all the essential insights needed to effectively monitor, analyze, and refine their sales operations.

Final words

The overall Salesforce implementation, led by Heroforge, marks a significant leap forward in their journey towards digital improvement and operational excellence. This transition, enriched with strategic integrations and tailor-made analytics, has refined their sales operations and provided them with profound insights into their key performance metrics. This transformation paves the way for Las Arcadias to maximize the potential of Salesforce. As they move ahead, Las Arcadias is more than well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital age with agility and confidence, leveraging their new CRM capabilities to pursue strategic goals and solidify their market position.

About Las Arcadias

Las Arcadias was born as a concept in Spain in 1986 to offer elderly people from a similar social and cultural background a residential formula that allows them to continue living with independence and dignity in their own apartment, which they can decorate with their furniture and to their liking. They have at their disposal all the services that make life more comfortable and secure, and common areas where, if they wish, they can invite family and friends, or socialize with people of a similar profile.