Salesforce SPIFF

Salesforce SPIFF

SPIFF now available in Salesforce Sales Cloud

At the end of 2023, Salesforce acquired SPIFF to take over a very important block in the world of sales, commissions, and with SPIFF it covered this need.

SPIFF is a company that had been growing 100% annually for years, and was in its prime, which is why the annexation to Salesforce will give it the opportunity to become number 1 in the commissions world.

As of this week, Salesforce SPIFF is now available for purchase on the Salesforce platform, as an add-on to the Sales Cloud module, priced at $75/user/month.

Salesforce SPIFF features

Allows the salesperson to see the status of their commissions

Improves the relationship with sales reps by allowing them to see the status of their commissions, the progress they need to make to reach their goals, and potential earnings. Eliminates uncertainty about specific calculations with commission tracking functionality. Set organizational objectives with goal and motivation management.

In-app feedback and notifications

Manage questions, comments and disputes efficiently within Salesforce. Facilitates quick problem resolution and improves communication by enabling tracking of all interactions. Promotes cross-departmental collaboration with real-time feedback and instant notifications, ensuring that all team members are informed and aligned. This integration improves efficiency and fosters a more collaborative and coordinated work environment.

Commission calculator

Allows your salespeople the ability to see how their commissions are performing. It provides data-driven information on incentive estimates early in the sales process, allowing both salespeople and managers to anticipate the impact of each opportunity. With these insights, they can focus on the deals that will generate the greatest impact for the business, optimizing their efforts and resources. This not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team, but also improves business performance.

Flexible setup

Set up incentive compensation plans in days, not weeks or months. Have the ability to make changes at any time, regardless of team structure or commission complexity. Quickly adjust plans between teams, with each change recorded in an audit log. This flexibility allows you to respond to business needs efficiently, ensuring that compensation plans are always aligned with organizational objectives and sales strategies.

Automation and workflows

Automate the most complex commission structures. Calculate thousands of commissions in seconds. This automation allows you to quickly manage and process commissions, eliminating manual errors and ensuring that salespeople receive accurate and timely compensation. With this capability, your sales team can focus on closing business instead of worrying about the accuracy of their commissions.

With the acquisition of SPIFF, Salesforce also becomes a powerhouse in the world of commissions.

Thanks to Salesforce SPIFF, you can create complex commission systems in minutes, and you can forget about commission payment errors thanks to its workflows and automations.

At Heroforge we are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of Salesforce, that’s why we know in detail how Salesforce SPIFF works. If you need to implement it in your company or simply want to get more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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