The Challenges

In order to attain that objective, Alte encountered significant challenges that needed to be promptly addressed.

Notes sharing difficulties

A significant challenge for Alte was the inability to effectively share meeting notes, a crucial aspect of their business operations, due to Salesforce configuration issues.

Compromised competitive edge

In an industry where agility and efficiency are vital, Alte’s inefficient customizations were causing operational slowdowns, risking them falling behind their competitors.

Forecasting frustrations

With a compromised Salesforce instance, Alte’s team faced challenges in extracting accurate data for forecasting, which in turn affected strategic decisions and growth planning.


Heroforge stepped in to address these challenges directly. Their approach was marked by.

Dedicated meeting notes feature

Implemented a feature within Salesforce exclusively for Alte’s meeting notes. This specialized section was designed to systematically capture, store, and share all meeting-related insights.

Strategic technical guidance

With the continuous advisory mechanism Heroforge set up, Alte reaped the benefits of expert counsel, ensuring they always tapped into the full potential of Salesforce, staying ahead of competitors.

Holistic system management

The all-encompassing technical approach made sure that Alte’s Salesforce instance became a robust and reliable tool, geared up for current operations and scalable for future growth.

The results

Let’s explore the remarkable outcomes accomplished through these strategic initiatives.

Improved teamwork

Alte’s communication mishaps were drastically reduced. Team members accessed and acted on notes quicker, leading to faster decision-making and increased efficiency.

Gained a competitive edge

With an optimized Salesforce operation and by leveraging the latest features, Alte began to outpace many of their market rivals in operational efficiency.

Accurate growth projection

The refined Salesforce system provided Alte with reliable and actionable data, enabling them to make confident, data-driven decisions that shaped their growth trajectory.


The transformation at Alte was not merely about rectifying a system; it was a strategic pivot towards excellence. By confronting challenges directly and leveraging them into growth opportunities, Alte emerged not just as a company with a fixed tool, but as a market leader. Their journey underscores the significance of adaptive thinking and the boundless possibilities of strategic tech optimization.

About Alte

Alte is a specialized investment manager focusing on European value-add real estate opportunities. With a leadership team boasting top-tier experience, Alte provides efficient access to handpicked real estate. Leveraging their unique expertise and connections, Alte ensures lasting value for investors and stakeholders.