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Which two characteristics are true for Aura component events? Choose 2 answers

On a brand new developer org, a developer writes a single trigger named AccountTrigger on the Account object to perform complex validations on the after insert and after update DML events. A Salesforce administrator creates a Process Builder to update a custom field within the same object every time an Account is created or updated. How many times will the AccountTrigger fire if a new Account is inserted, assuming no other automation logic is implemented on the Account?

Universal Containers uses Service Cloud with a custom field, stage_c, on the Case object. Management wants to send a follow-up email reminder 6 hours after the stage_c field is set to "Waiting on Customer". The Salesforce Administrator wants to ensure the solution used is bulk safe. Which automation tool should a developer recommend to meet these business requirements?

A developer is tasked with performing a complex validation using Apex as part of advanced business logic. When certain criteria are met for a PurchaseOrder, the developer must throw a custom exception. What is the correct way for the developer to declare a class that can be used as an exception?

A Salesforce Administrator is creating a record-triggered flow. When certain criteria are met, the flow must call an Apex method to execute a complex validation involving several types of objects. When creating the Apex method, which annotation should a developer use to ensure the method can be used within the flow?

Cloud Kicks has a multi-screen flow that its call center agents use when handling inbound service desk calls. At one of the steps in the flow, the agents should be presented with a list of order numbers and dates that are retrieved from an external order management system in real time and displayed on the screen. What should a developer use to satisfy this requirement?

Which process automation should be used to post a message to Chatter without using Apex code?

A Salesforce Administrator used Flow Builder to create a flow named "accountOnboarding". The flow must be used inside an Aura component. Which tag should a developer use to display the flow in the component?

An Opportunity needs to have an amount rolled up from a custom object that is not in a master-detail relationship. How can this be achieved?

Which statement describes the execution order when triggers are associated to the same object and event?

Given the following code snippet, that is part of a custom controller for a Visualforce page: public void updateContact(Contact thisContact) { thisContact.Is_Active__c = false; try{ update thisContact; }catch(Exception e) { String errorMessage = 'An error occurred while updating the Contact. ' + e.getMessage()); ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.FATAL.errorMessage)); } } In which two ways can the try/catch be enclosed to enforce object and field-level permissions and prevent the DML statement from being executed if the current logged-in user does not have the appropriate level of access? Choose 2 answers

What can be developed using the Lightning Component framework?

A developer has a single custom controller class that works with a Visualforce Wizard to support creating and editing multiple sObjects. The wizard accepts data from user inputs across multiple Visualforce pages and from a parameter on the initial URL. Which three statements are useful inside the unit test to effectively test the custom controller? Choose 3 answers

A developer must troubleshoot to pinpoint the causes of performance issues when a custom page loads in their org. Which tool should the developer use to troubleshoot?

Which two statements are true about Getter and Setter methods as they relate to Visualforce? Choose 2 answers

A developer is asked to prevent anyone other than a user with Sales Manager profile from changing the Opportunity Status to Closed Lost If the lost reason is blank. Which automation allows the developer to satisfy this requirement in the most efficient manner?

What are two ways that a controller and extension can be specified for a custom object named Notice on a Visualforce page? Choose 2 answers

Which three resources in an Aura Component can contain JavaScript functions? Choose 3 answers

Which three Salesforce resources can be accessed from a Lighting web component? Choose 3 answers

What should a developer use to script the deployment and unit test execution as part of continuous Integration?

The Account object in an organization has a master detail relationship to a child object called Branch. The following automations exist: Rollup summary fields. Custom validation rules Duplicate rules A developer created a trigger on the Account object. What two things should the developer consider while testing the trigger code? Choose 2 answers

Which two sfdx commands can be used to add testing data to a Developer sandbox? Choose 2 answers

Which three statements are accurate about debug logs? Choose 3 answers

A developer created a trigger on the Account object and wants to test if the trigger is properly bulkified. The developer team decided that the trigger should be tested with 200 account records with unique names. What two things should be done to create the test data within the unit test with the least amount of code? Choose 2 answers

How should a developer write unit tests for a private method in an Apex class?

A developer completed modifications to a customized feature that is comprised of two elements: ●Apex trigger ●Trigger handler Apex class What are two factors that the developer must take into account to properly deploy the modification to the production environment? Choose 2 answers

What should a developer do to check the code coverage of a class after running all tests?

What are three characteristics of change set deployments? Choose 3 answers

Which three statements are accurate about debug logs? Choose 3 answers

Universal Containers has created a unique process for tracking container repairs. A custom field, Status_c has been created within the container_c custom object. A developer is tasked with sending notifications to multiple external systems every time the value of the status_c picklist changes. Which two tools should the developer use to meet the business requirement and ensure low maintenance of the solution? Choose 2 answers

Universal Hiring is using Salesforce to capture job applications. A salesforce administrator objects; Job_c acting as the master object, Job_Application_c acting as the detail. Within the Job_c object, a custom multi-select picklist, Preferred Locations__c, contact states for the position. Each Job Application_c record relates to a Contact within the master-detail relationship. Recruiters have requested the ability to view whether the Contact's Mailing State value on the Preferred_Locations_c field ,within the Job App1icacion_c record. Recruiters be kept in sync, If changes occur to the Contact's Mailing State or if the Job's Preferred updated. What is the recommended tool a developer should use to meet the business requirements?

A large corporation stores Orders and Line Items in Salesforce for different lines of business. Users are allowed see Orders across the entire organization, but for security purposes, should only be able to see the Line Orders in their line of business. Which type of relationship should be used between Line Items and Orders?

What is an example of a polymorphic lookup field in Salesforce?

When a user edits the Postal Code on an Account, a custom Account text field named "Tim updated based on the values in another custom object called PostalCodeToTimezone_c. What is the optimal way to implement this feature?

In terms of the MVC paradigm, what are two advantages of implementing the view layer of application using Lightning Web Component-based development over Visualforce?

Universal Containers(UC) uses a custom object called Vendor. The Vendor custom object has relationship with the standard Account object. Based on some internal discussions, the UC administrator tried to change the master-detail lookup relationship, but was not able to do so. What is a possible reason that this change was not permitted?

Universal Containers has a support process that allows users to request support from its engineering team using custom object, Engineering_Support_c. Users should be able to associate multiple Engineering Support_c records to a single Opportunity record. Additionally, aggregate information about the Engineering Support _c records should be shown on the Opportunity record. What should a developer implement to support these requirements?

A software company uses the following objects and relationships: Case: to handle customer support issues Defect_c: a custom object to represent known issues with the company's software Case_effect_c: a junction object between Case and Defect_c to represent that a defect is a cause of a customer issue Case and Defect_c have Private organization-wide defaults. What should be done to share a specific case_Defect_c record with a user?

Universal Containers has implemented an order management application. Each Order can have one or more Order Line items. The order Line object is related to the Order via a master-detail relationship. For each Order Line item, the total price is calculated by multiplying the Order Line item price with the quantity ordered. What is the best practice to get the sum of all Order Line item totals on the Order record?

Which two settings must be defined in order to update a record of a junction object? Choose 2 answers

What can be used to override the Account's standard Edit button for Lightning Experience?

An Opportunity needs to have an amount rolled up from a custom object that is not in a master-detail relationship. How can this be achieved?

Universal Containers is building a recruiting app with an Applicant object that stores information about an individual person and a Job object that represents a job. Each applicant may apply for more than one job. What should a developer implement to represent that an applicant has applied for a job?

A developer created a custom order management app that uses an Apex class. The order is represented by an Order object and an OrderItem object that has a master-detail relationship to Order. During order processing, an order may be split into multiple orders. What should a developer do to allow their code to move some existing OrderItem records to a new Order record?

A business has a proprietary Order Management System (OMS) that creates orders from their website and the orders.When the order Is created in the OMS,an integration also creates an order record In Salesforce relates it to the contact as identified by the email on the order As the order goes through different stages inOMS, the integration also updates it in Salesforce. It is noticed that each update from the OMS creates new order record in Salesforce. Which two actions will prevent the duplicate order records from being created in Salesforce?

A developer creates a custom exception as shown below: public class ParityException extends Exception {} What are two ways the developer can fire the exception in Apex? Choose 2 answers

An Approval Process is defined in the Expense_Item_c object. A business rule dictates that whenever a changes the Status to 'Submitted' on an Expense _Report_ c record, all the Expense_Item_c records related the expense report must enter the approval process individually. A developer is asked to explore if this automation can be implemented without writing any Apex code. Which statement is true regarding this automation request?

A developer migrated functionality from JavaScriptRemoting to a Lightning web component and existing getopportunities() method to provide data. Which modification to the method Is necessary?

Which two process automations can be used on their own to send Salesforce Outbound Message? Choose 2 answers

The orderHelper class is a utility class that contains business logic for processing orders. Consider the code snippet: public class without sharing OrderHelper{ //code implementation. } A developer needs to create a constant named DELIVERY_MULTIPLIER with a value of 4.15, The value of instant should not change at any time in the code. How should the developer declare the DELIVERY_MULTIPLIER Constant to meet the business objectives?

Managers at Universal Containers want to ensure that only decommissioned containers are able the system. To meet the business requirement a Salesforce developer adds "Decommissioned" for the status_c custom field within the container_c object. Which tool should the developer use to enforce only Container records with a status of "Decommissioned" delated?

A company has been adding data to Salesforce and has not done a good job of limiting the creation of duplicate Lead records. The developer is considering writing an Apex process to identify duplicates and merge the records together. Which two statements are valid considerations when using merge? Choose 2 answers

A business implemented a gamification plan to encourage its customers to watch some educational videos. Customers can watch videos over several days, and their progress is recorded. Award points are granted customers for all completed videos. When the video is marked as completed in Salesforce, an external webservice must be called so that points can be awarded to the user. A developer implemented these requirements in the after update trigger by making a call to an external web service. However, a Syetem,Cal1outException is occurring. What should the developer do to fix this error?

When a user edits the Postal Code on an Account, a custom Account text field named "Timezone" must be updated based on the values in a PostalCodeToTimezone__c custom object. Which two automation tools can be used to implement this feature? Choose 2 answers

A developer wants to invoke an outbound message when a record meets a specific criteria. Which two features satisfy this use case? Choose 2 answers

What are two use cases for executing Anonymous Apex code? Choose 2 answers

A custom object Trainer_c has a lookup field to another custom object Gym_c. Which SOQL query will get the record for the Viridian City Gym and all it's trainers?

The Salesforce Administrator created a custom picklist field Account_status_c, on the Account object. This picklist has possible values of "Inactive" and "Active". As part of a new business process, management wants to ensure an opportunity record is created only for Accounts marked as Active. A developer is asked to implement this business requirement. Which automation tool should be used to fulfill the business need?