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A user reports that they are seeing an error message during the lead conversion process. The error mentions a field API name of Lead_Source__c on the Contact object is required. Where could you go to change this field to not be required?

You have created a Visualforce page and a Visualforce tab and added it to the Salesforce mobile Navigation menu items. When testing in the Salesforce mobile app, the Visualforce tab does not appear. What have you forgotten to set?

The VP of Sales has requested the ability for any Salesforce mobile user to be able to create a new account from virtually anywhere inside of the mobile app. What would you do to fulfill this request?

When an opportunity close date is delayed by more than 60 days, the manager and the VP of sales must approve the change. Which two solutions will meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

Which two statements are true about record type? Choose 2 answers

You are tasked with adding further automation to your Salesforce instance. The request is that whenever an opportunity's stage is set to Closed-won, a congratulatory Chatter message should be posted to the Opportunity feed, and include an @ mention directed at the Opportunity owner. Which automation tool should you select to fulfill this requirement?

Which Salesforce Automation Tool can be used to Delete records?

You have been asked to ensure that the Amount field on Opportunities is populated when the Stage is set to Closed Won. What should you use to meet this requirement?

Where do you go to view pending workflow actions that are set to fire in the future?

Which of the following may be added to Mobile Cards section of the page layout editor to have them show up as mobile cards in Salesforce mobile? Choose 3 answers

Universal Containers utilizes a ten-step Sales Process for their Consulting Services. For Opportunities associated with their Consulting Services, they need to block the ability for all users (except for Admins) to move the Stage Designation backwards, which is often referred to as 'back-staging'. For example, the first stage in this Sales Process is Prospecting and the second stage is Qualification. For Consulting Services Opportunities in the Qualification Stage, they want only Administrators to be able to revert these Opportunities back to the Prospecting stage. How would you recommend that this be accomplished?

A Customer Support Manager at Universal Containers would like to implement call scripting for their caller agents. What automation tool can be used to accomplish this?

The organization-wide default for a custom object is set to private. The Supervisor profile grants view access to the same object. A user with the Supervisor profile is also listed as the Manager on the user detail records for a subordinate. However, the Supervisor still CANNOT view records owned by the subordinate. Which two issue are preventing the Supervisor from viewing records owned by the subordinate? Choose 2 answers

UC manages internal projects by department using a custom object called Project. Only employees in the project's department should have view access to all of the department's project records. If an employee changes job and moves to another department, the employee should not longer have access to the projects within their former department. Which two options will meet the requirements assuming organization-wide default for Project is set to Private? Choose 2 answers

UC uses a private sharing model for opportunities. This model CANNOT be changed due to a regional structure. A new sales operation team has been created. This team needs to perform analysis on Opportunity data, and should have read and write access to all Opportunities. How to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

Which capability allows an app builder to grant object-level access? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers is rolling out a new customer service process. Customer service managers will need to edit cases for their subordinates, but not cases for other groups. Managers and users should be able to view all cases. What is the recommended solution to configure this? Choose 2 answers

An app builder has created a report for salespeople to view records from the custom object, some users have complained that they are unable to see all of the appropriate records. What steps should be taken to ensure data visibility within the report? Choose 3 answers

UC is setting up Salesforce for the first time. Management wants the sales and marketing teams to have different navigation menu in the Salesforce Mobile App. Which option is available to an app builder to satisfy this requirement?

Sales reps want to capture custom Feedback record details related to each Account. The sales reps want to accomplish this with minimal clicks on the Salesforce Mobile application. Which two solutions should be recommended in order to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

The appraisal team at DreamHouse Realty wants to leverage Salesforce mobile app. What should app builder do to optimize user experience on mobile? Choose 3 answers

At UMS, there is a single Lightning record page for the Celestial Bodies custom object; however, there is a Lightning component the app builder wants to restrict to mobile app users. What feature in the Lightning app builder should be utilized?

UC has a Lightning record page that supports both the mobile app and desktop. An app builder has downloaded a custom Lightning component from AppExchange, but users are unable to view the component on mobile devices. What can be the issue?

An app builder wants to show groups as the last navigation menu item in the Salesforce1 mobile app. However, the app builder is not able to select groups as one of the items on the drop-down menu. What could cause this?

Universal containers wants to provide a different view for its users when they access an Account record in Salesforce1 instead of the standard web version. How can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers

Which setting is available to customize Salesforce1 mobile app for branding? Choose 3 answers

Which of the following is not a valid Salesforce Sandbox type? Choose 2 answers

What mechanism does Salesforce provide via the Setup menu to be able to view any changes developers have made to objects, workflows, etc.?

Your company needs a sandbox that can be refreshed weekly and include some (but not all) of the data from your Production org. Which type of Sandbox can fulfill these requirements?

Which of the following is the proper sequence for making changes to a Salesforce organization via a Change Set?

Which of the following statements related to unmanaged packages are true? Choose 2 answers

Which two are key considerations when using Unmanaged packages?

Universal Containers has deployed custom tabs through change sets, without including the profiles, to production (enterprise edition). Which statement is true in regards to the visibility of custom tabs?

UC wants to build a Recruiting app that allows for multiple Positions to appear on custom objects: Website and Posting. UC requires a report that shows the related custom objects of Posting. Which two items should the app builder configure to implement this? Choose 2 answers

At UC, all US Sales Reps should be able to view the US Team Dashboard. However, only the US Sales Director should be able to see the data in the component and view its source report. How can the app builder ensure the proper access is granted?

A new field has been added to the Applicant object. A recruiter runs the 'Position with or without Applicants' report and notices that the report is missing new field from the 'Select Columns' step of the Report Builder. What can app builder do to troubleshoot this issue?

UC allows users to create standard reports on demand. Which two considerations should users be aware of when creating a new report? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following are true statements regarding converting a tabular, summary, or matrix report to a joined report? Choose 3 answers

A divisional manager wants to add a chart into a page layout. Which report format can be used as the source report to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

A sales manager would like to look at an account record and view charts of all the related: - open opportunities - closed/won opportunities - open cases How many report charts can be added to the account page layout to meet this requirement?

Universal Containers would like to embed a chart of all related Opportunities by stage on Account detail page. Which type of report should the App Builder create?

Which of the following are true statements regarding managing access to reports and dashboards? Choose 2 answers

A user creates an Account report, s/he can see the Industry filed in the Account page layout, but s/he cannot see Industry as an available field in the report builder. What could be the reason?

A Service Codronoror (SC) for Ursa Major Solar (UMS) does a final review of work orders owned by a technician for a specific region before the records are submitted for an invoice. Before closing out the work order, the SC needs to modify data or remove attachments that were added by mistake. The SC also needs access to any other related records owned by the technician. What solution would provide the required access, given a private data model?

UC has two types of applicants, hourly and salary. There are separate record types for each. While all members of the human resource department need to be able to view all applicant records, only the hiring manager and VP of HR should be able to create salary applicant records. What should the app builder recommend to meet this requirement?

UC implemented an application process that uses custom objects Internships and Applications. The organization-wide default for Internships has been set to private and is the master in the master-detail relationship with Applications. The VP of HR wants to allow edit access to Applications to recruiters. How should an app builder configure the proper access?

Universal Containers has a custom picklist called Support Level on the Account object. They would like to show the real-time value of Support Level on all case records. How should an app builder implement this requirement?

Universal Containers conduct evaluations of their sales reps using a custom object consisting of numerical scores and executive comments. The company wants to ensure that only the sales reps, and their manager's executive can view the rep's evaluation record but the reps should not be able to view the executive comment field on their review. How can these requirement be met?

Which three field types could be included when building a Custom Report Type? Choose 3 answers

A custom object has a public reads only sharing settings that does not grant access using hierarchies. A dynamic sharing rule provides write access to the object to the global marketing public group if the record is marked as global. A user creates a new record and marks it as global. Who will have write access to the record?

The VP of Sales at Universal Containers has requested that Sales reps be given access to view all Accounts in Salesforce. However, they've also requested that sales reps only be allowed to create new Opportunities on Accounts they own. How can this requirement be met?

Universal container would like to use a chatter group for their mergers and Acquisitions to collaborate on potential new projects. The group should not be visible to non-members to see you or join, and can be accessed by invite only. Which chatter group type should the app builder recommend?

A custom object named Assignment has a private sharing setting that grants access using hierarchies. The organization has a role hierarchy where the "Specialist" role reports to a "Manager" role which reports to a "Director" role. The director role is at the top of the role hierarchy. A user who is the manager role creates a new Assignment record. Who can send this record?

A custom field on an account is used to track finance information about a customer. Only members of the Finance Team have access to this field. However, the business wants to allow one customer service agent, who is assigned the customer service profile, read-only access to this field for special circumstances. What is the recommended solution to grant the customer service agent access to the field?

What should be done to provide managers access to records of which they are not the owner in a private sharing model?

Which of the following statements is true, as it relates to the core functionality of the Salesforce Security Model?

You have a subset of users that belong to three different profiles that need to be granted the ability to delete Cases in your org. Which of the following approaches would be optimal in order to fulfill this requirement?

Which two features should an app builder use to extend record access beyond the organization-wide defaults? Choose 2 answers

UC utilizes opportunities and a custom object called 'Detailed_Sales__c'. The company would like to roll sales metrics up to an opportunity for only 'Detailed_Sales__c' records that have their picklist status set to Active. What is the recommended method for the app builder to achieve this request?

A new custom object is being created with a private sharing setting. The business wants to share individual records with specific people or group of people on a case by case basis. What options does the business user have to manually share individual records? choose 3 answers

CK has a shipment date on each shipment that is sent out. Dispatchers need more details on the day and time the shipment was sent out. The app builder needs to change the current field type that is used from Date to Date/Time. What should the app builder be aware of when it comes to data already in the system?

UC wants to create a report to show job applications with or without resumes. What considerations should the app builder be aware of when creating the custom report type?

UMS wants to convert the relationship between 'Galaxy__c' and 'Star__c' from a lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship so that each 'Galaxy__c' record can contain a roll-up summary count of 'Star__c' records. Which two things should be considered? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following are valid selections you can make when creating a new sharing rule and specifying who it can be shared with? Choose 3 answers