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Universal container needs to update a field on an account when an opportunity stage is changed to closed lost. What can be used to accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following Standard Objects support Assignment Rules? Choose 2 answers

By leveraging Record Types, which of the following may be displayed differently to different sets of Salesforce users? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers wants to standardize their business logic. They want to ensure that the workflow order is guaranteed to be the same each time. Which feature can be used to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers has separated business requirements for consumer and Business Opportunities. The sales team work with both types of Opportunities. The app builder created two record types on the Opportunity Object. Which action can now be performed? Choose 2 answers

What may occur if workflow rules are re-evaluated after a field change by a field update? Choose 2 answers

What is a use case for approval processes? Choose 2 answers.

What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object-specific Create Record custom action? Choose 2 answers

The Director of Customer Service wants to know when agents are overwhelmed with high-priority items in the support queue. The Director wants to receive a notification when a new case is open with the status of "New" for more than four business hours. Which automation process could be used to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

DreamHouse Realty is building a custom Lightning app to track its expanding solar water collection business. The Lightning app currently contains a custom Lightning record page with standard components. From which two resources should an app builder get custom components to bring into the new Lightning app? Choose 2 answers

UC sells to three different types of organization: Partner, Enterprise and Small Business. Some of the information collected about each organization overlaps; however, there are also unique attributes to each type of organization that need to be tracked. Some of which are required. Which solution meet the requirement?

Case auto-response rules may be used to email customers automatically when they submit cases from which of the following ways?

Universal Containers has a requirement that an Opportunity should have a field showing the value of its associated account's billing state. This value should not change after the Opportunity has been created. What is the recommended solution to configure this automation behavior?

The VP of account management at Universal Containers has requested that all contacts mailing postal codes match the associated accounts shipping postal code. How can this be enforced using validation rules?

When an opportunity's closed date is pushed more than 30 days, manager approval is required. An approval process is in place but reps frequently forget to submit for approval to run the process. How can an app builder ensure that these opportunities are submitted into the approval process?

The VP of Sales at UC wants to have a set of screens to guide the inside sales team through collecting and updating data for leads. How should the app builder accomplish this?

UC requires different fields to be filled out at each stage of the Opportunity sales process. What configuration steps can an app builder use to meet this requirement?

UC has two types of customer support processes: Platinum and Diamond. The app builder created separate record types for each process on the Case object. The customer support team should NOT be able to create new cases with the Diamond record type. How should this requirement be met?

Which three standard component types are available in the Lightning App Builder? Choose 3 answers

UC wants to understand ROI (return on investment) for the latest advertising. They currently use a private security model for all objects. What should an app builder recommend?

Managers at UC want a quick way to create additional accounts to form a hierarchy from a parent account record. They want to auto-populate five fields based on the parent to make it easier for users to create the child accounts quickly. What should the app builder recommend?

An app builder has created a custom Lightning App and wants to make it available to the internal users at UC. Which two steps are necessary to accomplish this task? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers provides access to Salesforce for their sales, service and marketing teams. Management wants to ensure that when users log in, their home tab provides access to links and documentation that are specifically relevant to their job function. How can this requirement be met?

Which use case can be accomplished using a custom link? Choose 3 answers

Which statement is true for embedding a Visualforce page in a page Layout? Choose 2 answers

User at Universal Containers needs to be able to quickly create a contact record from the Account record's Chatter feed. How should the App Builder enable the functionality?

Where can a custom button be placed? Choose 3 answers

An app builder needs a custom solution and is considering using either AppExchange or their local developer community. Ease of updates is the primary consideration. What should the app builder consider?

DreamHouse Realty is rethinking its sandbox utilization strategy after acquiring CK. The Salesforce COE already utilizes a partial and a full sandbox, which it refreshes on its own regular schedules. Teams are expanding and have to begin each of their small projects in a sandbox before committing to the larger pool for testing while still keeping costs down.

UC has a time-sensitive need for a custom component to be built in 4 weeks. UC developers require additional enablement to complete the work and are backlogged by several months. What option should an app builder suggest to meet this requirement?

A recently refreshed partial sandbox at CK has no data in the custom object Fresh_Kicks__c. Checking in production, there are two million rows of data in the object. What can be a reason the data is missing?

At UC, each admin and developer use a separate developer pro sandbox. Configuration and code are then migrated to a partial data sandbox for combination and initial testing. Once approved the configuration and code are then migrated to a full sandbox for final load and regression testing before going to production. When should the full sandbox be refreshed?

An app builder wants to deploy a new version of an auto launched flow to production in an active state so that the new functionality is immediately available to users. What should the app builder take into consideration when planning the deployment?

A manager wants to calculate the number of days since an account was last contacted through email. Which field type should be used to accomplish this?

Which values must be defined when creating a new Opportunity Stage? Choose 3 answers.

Which of the following tasks must be performed in a multi-currency org in order to keep currency exchange rates up to date daily? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following can you add to your schema by using the Schema Builder? Choose 3 answers

Which of the following can you do to Related Lists in the Enhanced Page Layout Editor? Choose 3 answers

What type of process in Salesforce determines the stages that are available on Opportunities in Salesforce?

You need to set the Record Type for a converted lead's Account, Contact, and Opportunity based on the user who is converting the lead. How can this be accomplished?

Which standard Salesforce object are Contacts and Opportunities related to on Schema Builder?

DreamHouse Realty (DR) employees started using company-owned airplanes for work travel after Ursa Major Solar was acquired. DR executives want to automate the submission travel request forms to enforce the internal policy. How should an app builder automate travel requests based on these criteria?

Your company has limited development resources, but management has requested that your Salesforce org needs to be able to support online payment processing for products by next month. What is the best solution to meet this requirement?

You need to quickly lock a user out of Salesforce. Which of the following are valid options to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

A custom field contains a feedback score which is on a scale of one to five. End users would like a visual indicator of one to five stars based on the number found in the feedback score custom field. How can this visual indicator be displayed?

The director of marketing has asked the app builder to create a formula field that tracks how many days have elapsed since a contact was sent a marketing communication. The director is only interested in whole units. Which function should be used to calculate the difference?

Universal Container has a custom object for shipping information. They have to ship to both businesses and consumers. They need to show additional values in the custom field called insurance type for business shipping records. How can this be set up?

A junction object has two Master-Detail relationships. What happens to a junction object record when either associated master record is deleted?

Universal Containers has a junction object called Invoices with a primary Master-Detail relationship with Accounts and a secondary Master-Detail relationship with Contacts. The app builder has a requirement to change the primary Master-Detail relationship to Lookup. What happens to the Master-Detail relationship with Contacts?

Which rule can be configured for the Opportunity object? Choose 2 answers

You have a custom field that is set to Required in a page layout. This same field is set to Read-Only in the Field-Level Security settings for the custom field. Which setting will override the other for this custom field when entering a new record in this page layout?

You have been asked to import invoices into Salesforce from another system. The unique identifier for each invoice is the invoice number. Which custom field type would be best to create in Salesforce to facilitate daily upserts of this invoice data and avoid duplicate invoices from being loaded?

You need to create a roll-up summary field on a custom object that counts the number of related records on another custom object. What type of field must exist before the roll-up summary can be created, and where should it be located?

Which of the following is the proper definition of Dependent Picklists?

You can reference fields from objects that are up to __ relationships away.

Which type of field is a read-only field that displays the sum, minimum or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list?

You need to display an account's Rating on all contacts that are related to that account. Which of the following formulas are valid in a text formula field on the contact to display the appropriate value? Choose 2 answers

Page Layout can be set to vary based on which of the following? Choose 2 answers

You have been tasked with creating a new custom field on a custom object. The intention for this new field is to enable users to enter several paragraphs worth of text into the field. Which types of fields can support this request? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following scenarios will result in data loss related to changing field types? Choose 3 answers

Which field settings can you control in the Page Layout Editor? Choose 3 answers

Which two statements are true about an External ID field? Choose 2 answers

UC wants to streamline its data capture process by linking fields together. UC wants to do this so that the available values on department fields are driven by values selected on controlling fields. Which three consideration support the stated requirements? Choose 3 answers

At UC, the VP of the Service has requested a visual indicated a visual indicator flag on each case, based on the case priority. High-priority cases should be flagged red, medium-priority should be yellow, and low-priority cases should be flagged green. Which two formulas will accomplish this requirement? Choose 2 answers

Which three statements are true about Master-Detail relationship? Choose 3 answers.