Platform App Builder Mock 6

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Service Agents are required to confirm a user's identity before providing support information over the phone. What feature can an app builder use to help agents meet this requirement?

An app builder wants to streamline the user experience by reflecting summarized calculations of specific fields on various objects. Which three field types can be used in roll-up summary fields to accomplish this? Choose 3 answers

DHR wants to import its property records from an external system into Salesforce. The app builder will use an external ID field to house the property ID from the external system. Which two details should the app builder know when using external ID fields? Choose 2 answers

NTO uses a custom object to track travel requests. Rangers want to have automatic posts on a record whenever a travel request has been approved. Which feature should be used to accomplish this?

CK has leads owned by users and queues. The sales manager wants the status to change to working when a user takes ownership. What does an app builder need to have in the criteria to ensure the process runs without error?

UMS wants to see the Type__c field from the parent object Galaxy__c listed on the child record Star__c. Unfortunately, the app builder is receiving an error stating "Picklist values are only supported in certain functions". What formula should an app builder use to achieve the desired result?

UC asked the app builder to ensure when an account type changes to 'Past-Customer', the contacts directly related to that account get an updated status of 'Re-Market'. What automation should the app builder use to accomplish this task?

CK wants to display the number of Opportunity records associated with each Account. What solution should be used?

DreamHouse Realty (DR) has a policy that requires the phone number on Contact to be deleted when the DoNotCall checkbox is checked. What automation tool should the app builder recommend?

The CFO of CK needs to sign off on any major shoe retail deal that has a discount of more than 30% before the deal can be closed. What feature would be used to handle this requirement?

The convert button on Lead should be unavailable until the Lead Status picklist is set to 'Qualified'. What should an app builder suggest to meet this requirement?

An app builder is tasked with adding key performance indicators on client pages. They want to see a summary of the number of open Opportunities and the number of won Opportunities for each Account. Where should the app builder go to build these new rollups?

The DR service manager has asked for some improvements in case management to enforce process compliance so that cases are unable to be reverted to earlier case status and to ensure that certain fields are required when specific case criteria are met. What solution should an app builder implement to meet these requirements?

UC wants customers to be able to open cases from public-facing websites. What should the app builder use to enable visitors to the website?

Sales reps at UC create multiple quotes per opportunity. What automation tool should an app builder recommend to delete rejected quotes?

UC requires a custom field on the Case object to be automatically updated every time there is an Owner change on the Case. Which two features can be used for this requirement? Choose 2 answers

The CFO wants to make sure that a deal with more than a 40% discount gets approved by the VP of Finance before a quote is sent to the customer. In which two ways can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers

A business user at UC wants to update an Account directly from an Opportunity record. What should the app builder create to allow the business user to make these edits?

An app builder is creating a Lightning record page and has added Mobile & Lightning Actions to the page layout. What two components could be included in the layout to display the actions? Choose 2 answers.

On the Account Lightning record page, users need to see 10 fields and the ability to sort and wrap text on their Related Lists. What Related List type would the app builder select for the Related List Lightning component?

DreamHouse Realty (DHR) recently acquired CK, a company that is still on Salesforce Classic. DHR is keeping the CK Salesforce org; however, it will migrate this org to Lightning Experience. Where should the app builder find prebuilt resources to help with this project and overall adoption?

A sales manager at CK wants the team to spend more time in the field and less time manually entering the information found on the business cards they collect. What should an app builder do to help achieve this goal without sacrificing data quality?

CK wants to start tracking how many shoe subscriptions have been sold for each shoe catalog. A master-detail relationship exists between the 'Subscription__c' and the 'Shoe__c' objects. What type of field should an app builder create?

UC has Public Read/Write as the Account organization-wide default (OWD) setting. Visitors to the customer community site report that they can see all of the company's account records. How should an app builder configure Account sharing so that community users only see their own Accounts?

What is true for Partial Copy sandbox statements?

At UMS there is a requirement for a new field called 'Planet Details' on the Planet object where users can write detailed descriptions which include pictures and links. Which field type should the app builder utilize to fulfill this requirement?

UC maintains information for over 2 million assets in an external system. UC needs to access these assets in real-time in Salesforce and is about to exceed the data storage limitation. What feature could an app builder recommend UC use?

An app builder at CK created a custom object and related fields in the schema builder. What next steps should the app builder take to ensure users can access the new object and fields?

CK has created a custom object called 'Interests__c' which is joined to Accounts by way of a junction object called 'Account_Interest__c'. What is the impact to users attempting to view an Account and the associated 'Account_Interest__c' records if they don't have read access to the 'Interest__c' object?

CK wants to set up a custom child object to track gift cards issued to a customer. A key requirement is to track the total number of gift cards opened and gift cards issued on an Account. CK wants to permanently ensure the gift cards are unable to be moved across any other Account once it is created. On the gift card object, what type of field should be created to support this requirement?

UMS wants to hire some new employees. UMS wants to allow the same applicant to apply for multiple open positions using a single application. What should an app builder recommend to meet these requirements?

UC has several new fields they've requested for the Opportunity Product object. What should an app builder be able to configure using a formula field?

CK wants to simultaneously delete a 'Supplier_c' record and all 'Supplier_Item__c' records if a partnership ends with a supplier. What solution could an app builder use to meet the requirement?

CK conducts an evaluation of sales reps with a custom object that houses a scorecard. The company wants to ensure that only the sales reps, their managers, and their manager's executives can view the rep's scorecard, but also prevent the reps from being able to view the executive comment fields on their review. How should these requirements be met?

UC wants to match Opportunity data from Salesforce to the records in a financial database. What is required to configure an indirect lookup relationship in Salesforce between the Salesforce Opportunity records and those in a financial database?

An app builder is creating a custom object called 'Testimonial__c' and wants to connect 'Testimonial__c' records with both the submitter's Contact record and Account record. If the Account Is deleted, the 'Testimonial__c' should also be deleted. If the Contact is deleted, but the Account remains, the 'Testimonial__c' should remain. How should this be accomplished?

The Service Manager provided the app builder with color code requirements for case age on open cases. - New cases populate a green circle - Day-old cases populate a yellow circle - Three day-old cases populate a red circle How should an app builder implement this requirement?

UC wants to track installation information once a container has been purchased on a custom object. Sales reps should have visibility of all the installations associated with their opportunities. What kind of relationship should this new object have to the Opportunity?

A new app builder on the CK team is getting familiar with relationships in the data model. What functionality would present the app builder with a comprehensive view of all relationships in one place?

An app builder wants to create a formula field on an Account to include data from related Contacts but is unable to find the relationship in the formula editor. What is a limitation of formulas that could be causing the issue?

UC has several large customers that sell their products through dealers. Each customer and dealer has an individual rep who works directly with UC and each is billed separately. How should an app builder implement these requirements?

CK wants to know the total value of all won Opportunities for Accounts and display it on the record. What type of summary should the app builder use in the roll-up summary field?

CK wants to quickly insert a list of over 60,000 net new Accounts. The template based on CK's data model was used to populate the list. Which tool should be used?