Platform App Builder Mock 4

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UC wants sales reps to get permission from their manager before deleting Opportunities. What can be used to meet these requirements?

Which Salesforce feature guides users along the steps of a process, such as when working an opportunity, and highlights Key Fields and Guidance for Success notes in Lightning Experience?

What are two capabilities of record types? Choose 2 answers

What are the available types of actions that can be performed immediately or as a time-based action with workflow rules? Choose 3 answers

When are Data Validation Rules fired in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following automation tools provide a visual designer that you can use to build your solution? Choose 2 answers

In which of the following scenarios may cross-object field updates be performed via workflow rules? Choose 2 answers

UC uses a custom object to track expense reports. UC wants to automatically post updates on record's feed whenever an expense report has been approved.

Reps at UC use Salesforce to record information for new Leads. When new prospects are added, an outbound message is sent to SAP with the Lead's information. Which automation process will accomplish this without writing any code?

Where can a Standard Lightning Component be placed in the Lightning App Builder tool?

The app builder at UC has been asked to ensure that the Country field on the Account object is captured as the two letter abbreviation. How can the app builder satisfy this requirement?

Universal Containers uses a custom object to track Site Visits. When the status of a Site Visit is changed from "In Progress" to "On Hold", the business wants the Site visit owner to be automatically assigned to an "On Hold" queue. Which capability can be used to accomplish this?

Universal Containers has a custom assessment object used by three divisions. Each division wants to track different information on the assessments, including different values for the status picklist. Division managers do not want their teams to be able to create another division's assessment. How can this be accomplished?

A customer service representative at a call center would like to be able to collect information from customers using a series of question prompts. What could be used to accomplish this?

Universal containers is importing 1,000 records into Salesforce. They want to avoid any duplicate records from being created during the import. How can these requirements be met?

Universal Containers uses a custom object to track open job positions. They would like to automatically post updates on a record's feed whenever a position stage is changed. Which social feature can be used to accomplish this?

Universal Containers needs a field on the Account to track how many Opportunities are closing within the next 30 days. What can be used to accomplish this goal?

Universal Containers has two teams: Sales and Services. Both teams interact with the same records. Sales users use ten fields on the Account record. Services users use three of the same fields as the Sales team, but also have five of their own, which the sales team does not use. What is the minimum configuration necessary to meet this requirement?

A Lightning Page is a custom layout that lets you design pages for use in which Salesforce instances? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following are the 3 valid display types that are available when selecting to create a New Button or Link on an object? Choose 3 answers

Once you have created an object-specific quick action, what must you do for it to be visible to end-users?

What type of action in Salesforce enables users to create object records, but the new record has no relationship with other records?

At UC, multiple departments utilize the Case object for different purpose. Some users submit cases while other users provide customer support with case records. What is the minimum required configuration for an app builder to enable different users to see different fields, based on the case type?

An app builder at UC wants to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related list by overriding standard button. Which two aspects should the app builder consider before overriding standard buttons? Choose 2 answers

UC has purchased a Lightning Component on the AppExchange. In which two areas can these Components be utilized? Choose 2 answers

UC has a customer base where many customer have the same or similar company names. Which functionality should be configured to improve an end user's search experience? Choose 2 answers

A business user wants a quick way to edit a record's status and enter a custom due date field from the record's feed in Salesforce Mobile App. What could be used to accomplish this?

UC wants to test code against a subset of production data that is under 5 GB. Additionally, UC wants to refresh this sandbox every weekend. Which type of sandbox should be used to accomplish this?

Which statement is true when a new full sandbox is created? Choose 2 answers

To Synchronize Accounts, orders and shipments in real time, a developer has built a custom interface between an external system and salesforce, prior to deployment, the developer needs to confirm that the interface can sustain the syncing of thousands of records at a time. Which sandbox environment is recommended to complete performance and load testing?

When should Unmanaged packages be created? Choose 2 answers

What is the capability of sandbox templates? Choose 2 answers

What metadata changes can be made directly in a production environment without deploying from sandbox? Choose 2 answers

At UC, the Account object has a Master-Detail relationship with an Invoice custom object. The app builder wants to change this to a lookup field, but is NOT able to do so. What could be causing this?

Leads can be added to which standard Salesforce object record?

In addition to Field History Tracking, there is another tracking mechanism available in Salesforce that enables you to track additional fields and their history. What is this tracking mechanism called?

In addition to downloading and installing apps on the AppExchange, you can also download and install what else in your org?

Which three objects can be members of a Campaign? Choose 3 answers

What are two capabilities of Schema Builder? Choose 2 answers

How should an app builder configure access to a contact's Twitter profile for Salesforce mobile app users?

Which of the following steps must a Salesforce user perform in order to link a specific social account to a contact record in Salesforce? (select 2)

What is the first thing that you need to do in order to set up Social Accounts, Contacts and Leads in your Salesforce org?

An app builder created multiple custom fields, page layouts, and reports in the sandbox and added them to a change set. After the change set was deployed to production, the reports were NOT deployed. What should the app builder do?

An app builder wants to create a report to compare the number of support cases in each status (New, In-progress, Closed) and by priority (Critical, High, Medium, Low). Which solution should be used for the report?

An app builder at DreamHouse Realty created a custom object which has fields containing data from two different objects via related lookups. What is needed to create "with" or "without" reports on the new custom object?

Which type of relationship is available only for the user object and lets users use a lookup field to associate one user with another user?

On which side of a relationship can a custom object have a rollup summary field created on?

70,000 lead records need to be imported into your Salesforce org. Which Data Import tool is best suited for importing these records?

In a Master-Detail relationship, the relationship is established on the detail object, and the related list is displayed on which object?

Which of the following actions can be performed within the Schema Builder? Choose 3 answers

UC sales reps can modify fields on an Opportunity until it is closed. Only the Sales Operations team can modify the Post-Close Follow-up Date and Posts-Close Follow-up Comments fields. How can these requirements be met?

An app builder has been asked to provide users a way to identify a Contact's "Preferred Contact Method" directly on the Contact record. Users need to be able to identify whether a phone number or an email is the Contact's preferred communication method. Which field type will allow the app builder to accomplish this with the fewest fields possible?

The VP of Marketing wants to broadcast an email to 10,000 contacts in Salesforce on a regular basis, but realizes Salesforce's mass email functionality has a limitation on the number of emails that can be sent each day. What action should the app builder take?

Which security mechanism in Salesforce allows users to share records that they own to other users, roles, and public groups?

The Human Resources Director needs the Heads of each Department to be able to edit Time Off Requests, which is a Custom Object in your Salesforce organization. The Heads of these Departments each belong to different Profiles in Salesforce, and yet they need the ability to edit Time Off Requests to be extended to them. What is the best option for accomplishing this requirement?

UC uses a custom object called Candidates to track information about people who are being recruited for jobs within the company. Employees should be able to create a Candidate record; however, only HR users should be able to view, edit, and report on the Salary field. Which action should be recommended for controlling who can view the Salary field?

CK wants to track orders against inventory, ensuring its ability to fulfill order requests. CK created a junction object called Request_Inventory__c to enable many-to-many relationships with the Inventory_c and Order__c objects. What does the app builder need to provide to ensure users can view Request_Inventory__c records?

The marketing team at UC has a list of 400 leads it wants to upload to Salesforce. The team needs to avoid creating duplicate records. Which two actions should be taken to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

The Training team at UC uses a custom Training object to track customer training sessions. An app builder needs to create a relationship between the Training object and the related Student's records. Which two statements are true when creating a Student lookup field on the Training object? Choose 2 answers

The events manager at CK hosted a launch party and wants to add a CSV file of attendees into a Campaign as Campaign Members so CK can track any future purchases the guests make. Which three considerations should be made prior to using the Data Import Wizard for importing Campaign Members? Choose 3 answers

UC has created two custom objects called Seminars and Attendees. Organization-wide defaults for these objects have been set to Private. UC wants to set up a new junction object between these custom objects. A select group of users should be able to edit records in the junction object. Which two steps should an app builder take to configure the proper security? Choose 2 answers

CK has a sales rep who is stating that their Contact is unavailable for other users to see within Salesforce. In which three ways can an app builder troubleshoot this issue? Choose 3 answers

Accounts at UC are currently readable by all users but editable only by their owners. Management wants to designate some Accounts as VIP Accounts. Only Account owners should have read access to these VIP accounts. What two actions should an app builder take to meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers

UC uses a private sharing model on Accounts. User A and User B both own Accounts of their own and have both been sent a new Account record in an email owned by User C to take a look at. User A is able to open and view the record but User B receives an insufficient privileges error. User A and User B have the same role in the Role Hierarchy as User C. What are the three reasons User A has access but User B is unable to access the record? Choose 3 answers

UC allows all employees to submit reviews for leadership using a custom object. These reviews should only be visible to the HR department and the employee who submitted the review. Which three steps should an app builder take to properly control access to review records? Choose 3 answers