Platform App Builder Mock 2

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An app builder needs to create new automation on an object. What best practice should the app builder follow when building out automation?

UC's app builder has been tasked with replacing workflow rules and Apex triggers with Process Builders where possible. What are two important considerations an app builder should know before the project is started? Choose 2 answers

UC is expecting impacts to operations due to increased demand. The executive team will be reaching out to current customers and want to see the number of open cases for the account and parent account. Which two tools could an app builder combine to display the number of open cases on the account page? Choose 2 answers

On which objects are workflow rules re-evaluated whenever a field update action is triggered?

What must you create first before you can start using Record Types on the Opportunity object in Salesforce

Which of the available automation tools in Salesforce supports user interaction?

The case handling process at UC includes multiple steps including approvals, notifications, and fields updates. To manage and evaluate all of these changes in a single save operation, an app builder wants to use Process Builder and the Advanced option to let the process evaluate a record multiple times has been selected. What option should the App Builder avoid to prevent recursion?

Sales Managers at UC would like to standardize what information Sales Reps are gathering. Sales Reps want recommendations, sales strategies and to know what key fields need to be completed at each step of the sales process on the opportunity record. What feature should an app builder use to provide this functionality?

UC uses a custom object called Projects. When managers assign projects they set a custom field on the Project record called Estimated Hours. Once set, users should be able to decrease but not increase the value. How can an app builder meet this requirement?

Which three Salesforce functionalities are ignored when processing field updates in workflow rules and approval processes? Choose 3 answers

UMS is ramping up the sales team to meet increased demand. As part of the short ramp up for these new reps, the manager wants to provide a help guide to enable reps to easily get help where needed during the different sales processes. Which solution should an app builder recommend?

UC uses a custom picklist field Account_Region__c on the account record. They want this region to be reflected on all related contact records and stay in sync if the value of this field changes on the Account. How should an app builder meet this requirement?

An app builder wants to limit the amount of fields users are required to fill out when creating a new Opportunity. Once they fill out the required fields and save, the full record page with additional fields relevant to the Opportunity type becomes available. How could this be accomplished?

UC uses the Asset object to track products that are installed at customer locations. A new object, Asset_Inventory__c, has been created to capture details about the asset. Which approach should the app builder take to show Asset_Inventory__c as a related list on Asset?

The finance manager at UC wants to receive a new business notification email each time a new client is won. The sales manager wants to receive a task reminding them to onboard the new client unless it is a top-tier client. Which automation tool should an app builder use to best address all these requests?

CK created a Locked__c custom field to identify Account records that should restrict modifications for all users except the system administrator. What validation rule will enforce this requirement on locked Account records?

An app builder wants to update a field on the parent record when a child record connected via lookup is deleted. What automation should the app builder use?

CK's management team frequently travels and wants to approve requests from their team on the go via Chatter. Where would an app builder enable this ability?

Which two options should an app builder consider when configuring field update actions from workflow rules and approval processes? Choose 2 answers

The VP of Sales wants a Chatter post to the All Sales private group when an Opportunity goes to the closed won stage. What two tools should the app builder use to automate this process? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers would like to automatically assign a specific permission set to new users. How can this requirement be met? Choose 2 Answers

Service agents at UMS want a more condensed case view. Service agents also want to be able to modify the associated contact and account records from the case page layout on the Lightning record page. Which two components should an app builder use to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

CK wants to begin socializing and collaborating within Salesforce around customer accounts to discuss various topics. CK would like all company employees to see these conversations. Which two features of Chatter would meet CK's business needs? Choose 2 answers

UMS wants to provide sales console users with an incredible experience, with the most-used components easily accessible at all times. What solution can enable reps to see and access these components from anywhere within the app without leaving the page where the team is working?

UMS's sales team has been struggling to enter data on mobile since rollout; the team dislikes scrolling through all of the fields to input only the necessary data. How could the app builder solve this with minimal impact to desktop users?

UC wants to dynamically display a component on a Lightning record page for an account based on criteria about the related contact. What solution should an app builder use to fulfill this requirement?

UC wants to provide users with a process to create Opportunity records related to an Account. Many fields can be populated based on the Account record. Some fields require input from the user. What should an app builder configure to meet the requirement?

An app builder installed a custom Lightning component from AppExchange and has deployed My Domain. What should be done next in order to configure the component for use in a record page?

After utilizing the Lightning Object Creator to create a new object, its fields, and to insert all of the data, an app builder now needs to set up the Lightning Record Page. Which component should the app builder have on their Lightning Record Page to see all of the fields from the page layout?

UMS wants to automate a welcome email to new clients and include a customized survey about their buying experience. An app builder is tasked with this project and has very little time to build the solution from scratch. What should the app builder do to meet the deadline and custom requirements?

CK recently implemented the application lifecycle management process to its release management strategy. Which category handles bug fixes and simple changes?

An app builder needs to deploy a new account detail page layout from sandbox to production. Which three components should an app builder include in the Change Set to ensure it deploys successfully and visually as expected? Choose 3 answers

An app builder has deployed a change set from a sandbox to production. There is a long delay in the deployment. What can be causing the delay?

UC generates leads from three different sources: web, trade shows, and partners. Some of the information collected is applicable to all sources, there is also information that is unique to each type of lead. What should an app builder configure to meet these requirements?

An app builder wants to create a custom object and 10 fields. What should the app builder use to create the object, fields, and relationships quickly from one place?

At USM, only users with the Outer Planets profile need to see the Jupiter field on the Solar System object. How can app builder satisfy this requirement?

UC has the Account object's Org Wide Default set to Private. Marketing team owns their own marketing Accounts and needs to see the Sales team's Accounts. Sales and Marketing teams are in completely different branches of the role hierarchy. What feature should be used to enable Marketing team to see the Sales-owned accounts?

Dreamhouse Realty requires that field value changes should be displayed on Chatter for certain fields such as 'Asking_Price_c' and 'Real_Estate_Agent_c' on their custom object 'House_c'. Which Chatter feature should the app builder utilize?

UC wants to display real-time stock price for each Account on the Account record page. How should the app builder implement this request?

When configuring a record type, app builder can configure available value of picklist fields for the page layout. Which opportunity standard field is available to be configured directly in the Opportunity record type? Choose 2 answers

Which statement is true about converting a lead? Choose 3 answers

What is the capability of a schema builder? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers would like to collaborate with its customers within Salesforce, so they'd like to enable the "Allow Customer Invitations" Chatter setting. What ability will be given to Customers when invited to Chatter Group?

What is a section of the Lightning App Builder Tool? Choose 3 answers

What is the limitation of Schema Builder when creating a custom object?

UC tracks Account locations in 'Zip_Code__c', a custom text field with a validation rule to enforce proper formatting of the US ZIP+4 code for UC's orders. What formula should the app builder create on Order to display only the first five digits of 'Zip_Code__c' from the parent Account?

CK has five years of sales data in their database, and CK's managers would like to check out their customers' first purchase records. How can app builder use roll-up summary to meet this requirement?

UC created a custom object called Component to capture details about products sold. What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product?

An app builder has been asked to display an Overdue Date that is two months after a Task's Due Date. Which approach should the app builder take?

The previous administrator of the CK Salesforce Org always utilized text as the field type when creating new custom fields. CK's current road map requires a project that cleans up this Org during Lightning migration. Which three field types should be considered to keep better track of contact information in fields? Choose 3 answers.

UC uses a custom object called Reviews to capture information generated by interviewers during the candidate process. The Review records are visible to any user that has access to the related custom Candidate record. The VP of Human Resources wants the comment field on the Review to be private to anyone outside of the HR department. How should the app builder meet this requirement?

UC wants to deliver purchased containers to remote construction sites. These locations are missing a traditional street address. In these cases the customer will supply UC with the coordinates to the location. What type of field should the app builder use to capture this information?

The VP of Sales has requested that Account Site information should be visible on all Opportunity records. What is the recommended solution to meet this requirement?

UC wants to ensure that they are accepting clean data from their users and verify that important fields are entered. What should an app builder recommend to meet this requirement?

Universal Container needs to add an additional recipient to a workflow email alert that is fired from the case object. What type of field could be added to the case object to allow the additional desired recipient on the email alert? Choose 2 Answers

The CRM Manager at Universal Containers has requested that a custom text field be converted to a picklist in order to promote better data hygiene. What needs to be considered before changing the field type? Choose 2 answers

What are true statements regarding roll-up summary fields? Choose 2 answers

Universal Containers stores invoices in SAP. Users want to view invoice data on the related Account records in Salesforce. How can this be achieved? Choose 2 answers

An App Builder is loading the data into salesforce. To link the new records back to the legacy system, a field will be used to track the legacy ID on the account object. For future data loads this ID will be used when upserting records. Which field attribute should be selected? Choose 2 answers

When specifying an auto-numbered field in Salesforce, which of the following items are you able to specify? Choose 2 answers

Which of the following actions must be performed in order to track changes on a specific field? Choose 2 answers

DreamHouse Realty wants to track how many lifts are being installed into customer garages. The To_Be_Installed__c checkbox field on the Lift__c object should be checked and an external system should be notified via an outbound message the next day when a lift is sold. What automation tool should be used to complete this task?

CK is finding sales people are inconsistent in data entry when deals are won. CK requires that custom shoes are shipped within 2 weeks after the close date. A custom field called Scheduled_Ship_Date__c on the Opportunity records the ship date. How should the app builder ensure this field is properly filled out before setting the Opportunity to closed won?

An app builder notices several Accounts converted from Leads are missing information they expected to be caught via Account validation rules. What could be the source of this issue?

A CK employee submitted an opportunity for approval by their manager. What would happen if the employee attempts to edit the description field after submission?