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What is Salesforce Sales Engagement

What is Salesforce Sales Engagement?

Salesforce Sales Engagement is the best possible help for Sales Representatives to sell more quickly and efficiently. Sales Engagement helps sales reps with the most basic tasks of their job, whether it’s sending emails or making calls, thanks to the cadences. This will make them follow a much more concrete order without missing any opportunity, they will also be able to automate their most repetitive jobs, receiving information at all times that will complement the salesperson’s information much more.

Thanks to Sales Engagement you will make your team grow, since the most important thing is the help they receive at all times of the sales process, thanks to artificial intelligence or the multiple automations that Sales Engagement allows.

Sales Engagement is available in the Sales Cloud, and is even included in the Performance and Unlimited licenses. For Professional and Enterprise licenses, it costs €50/user/month.

What does Sales Engagement offer?

Sales Engagement offers a large number of functionalities, which combine perfectly with the Sales Cloud environment, and complement it to make it more complete, and above all to help sales reps and sales reps. The most important features are detailed below.

Connected communication

By unifying all sales activities such as emails, calls, social media interactions and tasks into a single to-do list, it is essential to integrate these into a single CRM system. This system centralizes all tasks, allowing them to be managed from one place and providing a consistent experience for the salesperson. This facilitates the complete tracking of each prospect throughout the sales process, increasing efficiency and improving time management.

Sales cadences

Guides sales reps with step-by-step instructions on how to prospect and apply best practices across the sales team, including email, phone calls and social media sales tasks. Automates the prospecting process to keep leads moving and provides sales reps with artificial intelligence to enable them to personalize their workflow. This will make it easier to automate effective strategies and adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

Sales Cadences


To engage with the right prospects with less effort, use AI recommendations that tell you the best course of action. Improve conversations using insights from emails and calls. Automatically identify the most promising leads and focus on those with Einstein Scoring. This allows you to optimize the sales process, increasing efficiency and improving lead-to-customer conversion success rates.

Einstein Activity Capture

It automatically logs sales activities like emails and meetings, giving sales teams more time to focus on selling. EAC has two main activities:

  • It captures the email and events from our Microsoft or Google account and adds them to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records.
  • Additionally, it syncs events and contacts between Salesforce and our Microsoft or Google account.

CRM extension

Access and update the CRM from anywhere. Write emails, complete to-do lists, send calendar links, use email templates and update records through Workspace, all without leaving the web. This makes it easy to efficiently manage your daily activities and customer interactions, allowing you to keep everything organized and accessible from a single, centralized online location.

Buyer assistant

Implement personalized conversations and capture qualified leads with a customer-centric buyer assistant. Buyer Assistant Bots revolutionize lead conversion, facilitating customer relationships at scale. Each Buyer Assistant is equipped with dialogs and automation flows specifically designed to optimize the sales process. For example, an assistant can explain the value of your products outside of business hours, collect customer data and schedule customer appointments. 

Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI)

With Einstein Conversation Insights, automatically transcribe voice and video calls. Unlock negotiations and get next steps with automatically captured conversation information. Identify conversation trends and coaching moments with ease. Compiles playlists of successful calls so reps can replicate what works and outperform the competition.

Einstein Conversation Insights

Sales Dialer

Use Sales Dialer to access telephony features built directly into Salesforce. Make and receive calls without leaving the platform, adding notes during the call and recording important information with ease. This integration allows you to manage all your phone communications without the need to switch between applications, ensuring a more efficient and centralized workflow.


With Sales Engagement you can forget about the most repetitive tasks.


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