The challenges

In order to achieve this goal, Comexi faced important challenges that had to be addressed promptly:

Lack of call analysis

The current system lacks call logging and analysis of interactions with customers, which means that important information is left in the hands of the agents rather than being stored and analyzed centrally.

Need for detailed indicators

Comexi is seeking detailed indicators of their calls with customers in order to extract valuable insights, such as pinpointing customers who make the most calls.

Competitive customer service

They have identified customer service as an area where they are at a disadvantage compared to their competitors, and thus they aimed to optimize this service.

The solutions

Heroforge stepped in to address these challenges directly. Its approach was marked by:

Service Cloud Voice

Recommended a foundational SCV implementation to swiftly address core deficiencies. Even at its basic setup, with minimal customizations, SCV stands as a game-changer, bringing substantial improvements to call management and customer interaction insights.

Advanced analysis and reporting

Analyzed detailed call data to uncover important insights, linking individual calls to customer information. This simplified the creation of advanced reports, transforming basic call details into valuable findings.


Provided tailored training to reduce resistance towards the new tool, increasing user adoption and boosting the team’s capability and trust in the new system.

The results

Now, let’s explore the remarkable results achieved through these strategic initiatives:

Enhanced customer fidelity

Since each call is linked to the specific asset in question, Comexi can foresee potential issues with their machines for other customers who have the same machine model. This proactive approach allows them to provide solutions before problems arise, further enhancing customer loyalty.

Increased agent performance

Agents can now identify the client calling before they even pick up, as well as view the related asset. Coupled with suggestions for relevant articles based on the call’s context, these features collectively provide powerful tools to boost their efficiency and performance.

Revamped cases

As soon as a voice call is answered, a case is instantly created and remains synchronized with the call. This facilitates the classification of the case and populates it with pertinent details from the call conversation.

Final words

Thanks to the implementation of Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, Comexi has revolutionized its customer service, turning challenges into opportunities and boosting its presence in the market. This solution has not only met the company’s current needs, but has also paved the way for future innovations and adaptations, ensuring that Comexi is always one step ahead in customer service.

About Comexi

With its roots in Catalonia, Comexi has set global standards in designing machinery for flexible packaging, printing, and converting materials. Their commitment to environmental conservation and cutting-edge solutions has secured their position as a global industry leader.