The challenges

In order to attain that objective, Lucas Fox encountered significant challenges that needed to be promptly addressed.

Matching customer preferences

Lucas Fox had difficulty in aligning properties with potential customers due to the overwhelming volume of data and lack of a structured method to categorize preferences. This often led to missed opportunities and inefficiencies.

Agent viewing productivity

The sales agents were facing challenges in scheduling and managing daily viewings. The absence of an efficient scheduling tool led to decreased productivity and prolonged property selling periods.

Control over deployments

With a heavily customized Salesforce instance, Lucas Fox struggled with their release processes. This made it challenging to plan future releases and meet crucial business deadlines for delivering essential features.

The solutions

Heroforge stepped in to address these challenges directly.

Customized integration for preferences match

We integrated customer essential data from Lucas Fox’s website regarding preferences. Using this data, we crafted an algorithm that seamlessly matches properties to customers and vice versa. Now, agents can list properties based on customer preferences, or pull up potential customers for a given property.

Mobile application for efficient viewings

We developed a mobile app tailored to Lucas Fox’s requirements, facilitating agents to schedule property viewings more efficiently. This tool boosted agent productivity and enhanced the overall client experience during viewings.

Migration to Salesforce DX

We transitioned their instance to Salesforce DX. This transformation empowered Lucas Fox to oversee their changes more effectively. Now, they have a clear understanding of what is deployed, when it happens, and they maintain a historical record of all changes.

The results

The following are the remarkable outcomes accomplished through these strategic initiatives.

Improved customer experience

The integration for preference matching has enhanced the customer experience. By presenting properties that align with buyer preferences, sales are faster, satisfaction is higher, and due to accurate matches, customers remain loyal and stay subscribed to emails.

Increased agent productivity

This not only accelerates the deal-closing process for agents but also provides a direct advantage to the end clients. They benefit from the seamless integration that allows sharing details via platforms like email and WhatsApp, enriching their overall experience. As a result, both agents and end clients enjoy a more streamlined and effective communication process.

Streamlined deployment process

With the migration to Salesforce DX, Lucas Fox has regained control over their deployment process. This shift has not only enhanced their ability to manage and coordinate deployments but also provided transparency and a structured process for releases.

Final words

Together with Lucas Fox, we’ve forged a dynamic partnership. We’ve collaboratively revamped the journey for both agents and customers. Through the leverage of modern technology, we’ve streamlined operations and enhanced transparency, laying the groundwork for continued success in the real estate landscape.

About Lucas Fox

Founded in 2005, Lucas Fox is a leading luxury real estate agency in Spain, spotlighting prime properties in regions like Barcelona, Madrid, and the Costa Brava. Catering to an international clientele, they’ve been leveraging Salesforce since 2014. Today, they operate with over 250 users across 30+ locations, showcasing their expansive reach and the scope of their operations.